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James McDonald is a historian and writer, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society in London, and holds a number of professional qualifications as well as an MA in mathematics from Oxford University, and an MSc in Operational Research from Sussex University. He lives in the South of France.



James McDonald is the author of the following works.

Wordly Wise, Constable (UK, 1984); Franklin Watts (USA, 1985). ASIN: 0531097722. ISBN-13: 978-0531097724

Solving Business Problems by Simulation,(co-author), McGraw-Hill (UK, 1988); McGraw-Hill (USA, 1988). ASIN: 0070849463. ISBN-13: 978-0070849464

Dictionary of Obscenity, Taboo and Euphemism Sphere (UK, 1988) ; Time Warner Paperbacks (USA, 1989). ASIN: 0747401667, ASIN: 1853263710. ISBN-13: 978-1853263712

Beyond Belief: Two Thousand Years of Bad Faith in the Christian Church Garnet (UK, 2011) ; Garnet, (USA, 2011). ASIN: B00ME46YS2




The Crusade Against the Cathars of the Languedoc, 3rd Ed, (UK, 2014) (USA, 2014) an English translation of Voltaire's work De la Croisade Contre les Languedociens. ASIN: B00P5AVUZO



• The Languedoc
• Castles & Manor Houses
• Medieval Warfare
• Heraldry
• French Films
• Cathars
• Cathar Castles
• Cathar Tours
• Bad News About Christianity


Other writings:

James McDonald has also written government reports, magazine articles, and a regular column for the Sunday Express in the UK.

Wordly Wise was adapted into a national weekly BBC radio program in the UK (Wordly Wise on Radio 4).

A Dictionary of Obscenity, Taboo and Euphemism was reprinted by Sphere in 1989, and has been reprinted again by Wordsworth under the title The Wordsworth Dictionary of Obscenity and Taboo



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